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Optimize Multi-Screen Experience to Engage Audiences While Accelerating Your Digital Operations

Perhaps more than any industry, the Media Technology and Advertising ecosystem must continuously evolve to keep pace with emerging technologies and increasingly sophisticated buyers/audiences. Media is being disrupted by ever-changing technology shifts and always increasing consumer expectations. pureIntegration is the team that can deliver for your enterprise. We specialize in enhancing business operations through automation, increasing audience engagement through performance validation/verification, and providing workflow/fulfillment optimization and customized managed services. Our experts are your experts. Take advantage of our proven track record across multiple distribution platforms, improve customer/team satisfaction, and decrease operational costs.

pureIntegration Drives World-Class Digital Products, Operations, and Customer Experience

We use deep operational and technical efficiency in media and entertainment organizations today, while partnering to build road maps to the future through digital transformation. We do this by leveraging 15+ years of experience consulting across the most demanding Fortune 500 companies to bring the industry’s best solutions and problem solvers to our customers. We help media organizations solve their most challenging problems tactically through our expertise in specific domains and through partnerships with leading technology vendors.

Improve Ad Tech Operations

Improve Ad Tech Operations

  • Process review and workflow customization
  • Architectural roadmap for technology evolution
  • Software testing to detect and reduce system issues
  • Cutting-edge integration services that incorporate the latest technologies
  • RPA automation for increased economies
  • Program/project management hub for communications
  • Customized training and support
Enhance Master Control Center/Network Operation Center

Enhance Master Control Center/Network Operation Center

  • Design, Build, Review, and Optimize
  • Workflow Review
  • Systems, Equipment, and Tools Assessment
  • Architecture and Connectivity Review
  • Monitoring as a Service
  • Intelligent Automation
  • 4K Ready and Streaming Capabilities
Advanced Video Quality Monitoring

Advanced Video Quality Monitoring

  • Ad Delivery and Measurement
  • Workflow Fulfillment Automation
  • Verification and Validation
  • Encoding Optimization and Content Quality Optimization
Video Engineering & Deployment Services

Video Engineering & Deployment Services

  • Plan, build, and run your CDN
  • Access turn-key DVR solutions
  • Stay ahead of the video-on-demand technology curve
  • Incorporate the next generation of RDK-B and RDK-V technologies​

Ready to Optimize Multi-Screen Experiences Across Your Enterprise?

We can help you improve your audience engagements while accelerating your digital operations.