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Validate, Verify, and Deliver Addressable Video Content

Advanced Video Quality Monitoring Operations teams face numerous challenges in ensuring the correct video content reaches the right customers at optimum quality. The opportunity for media advertising lies in providing more accurate consumer targeting and personalization; however, they can be blocked by workarounds in legacy systems, poor validation around content delivered and industry disruption, fragmentation, and an onslaught of competition.

Our unique advantage here at pureIntegration has always been our willingness and ability to understand our customers’ business. While there are numerous technology solutions, you need a partner with a deep understanding of the linear and digital advertising ecosystem. pureIntegration understands your business and your workflow, and then drives operational excellence, quality performance attribution, workflow automation, measurable budget savings, and head-end infrastructure.

pureIntegration Delivers Advanced Video Quality Monitoring with Bullseye Managed Service

Currently, validation is a manual and haphazard effort, which limits your view of exactly what content and advertisements show your individual subscribers across the base. Many operations groups can only react to historical errors. Bullseye offers the ability to fully integrate an advertising and video operations monitoring platform into your current workflow. Finally, you can get comprehensive data across your footprint without manual capture/correlation of results. Bullseye deploys across your base to capture and integrate video into our highly scalable workflow engine to produce thousands of video verification results in your dashboard.


Meet the Future with More Accuracy & Transparency on Video Content Delivery

pureIntegration offers a comprehensive solution that provides insights into operations: quality of content, metrics, and trends across markets and networks. The completeness of the insight allows you to find the root cause of the problem and reduce the time to resolve that problem. We integrate into your workflows and offer you a complete range of solutions, including:

  • Ad Delivery and Measurement
  • Workflow Fulfillment Automation
  • Verification and Validation
  • Encoding Optimization and Content Quality Optimization
  • Architecture and Connectivity Review
  • Personnel and Staffing Review

Experience in Advanced Video Quality Monitoring Operations

pureIntegration recognizes that Advanced Advertising teams experience challenges with the consistency of dynamic ad insertion across the footprint. Specifically, they often want to know the right ads are playing and the timing of the ad insertion is correct. We have developed a capability that is able to accurately measure both from the STB and validates that ads are delivered as expected.

Today, the systems used to validate linear dynamic ad insertion are located too far from the edge to properly monitor the customer experience.

The delivery of ads across zones is highly automated; however, issues still occur where clients’ ads are not inserted at the exact right moment. Configuration drift often contributes to this problem. In addition, the ad breaks have visual and audio behavior that is undesired. These two main challenges are defined as follows:

  • Ad Insertion Zone Verification
  • Ad Break Quality Issues

Customized Monitoring Engine
Customize workflow engine and validation methods to meet requirements for ad insertion timing checks and closed loop automation for resolution efforts.

STB Probe Integration
Combine video capture probe and cloud automation to record targeted ad breaks in each market.

Reporting and Troubleshooting
Design reporting dashboards help identify exactly where issues are occurring and provide context to quickly troubleshoot. Includes high-level executive metrics.

Respond to Client Complaints
Respond to client complaints by quickly configuring solutions to capture client-specific ad breaks to gather data and examples.

  • Ability to monitor quality checks will improve the user experience and increase client confidence in the ad delivery capability.
  • Provide executive-level metrics reporting and improve ad insertion operational visibility.
  • Ability to validate zone mapping will mitigate loss of revenue when ads are not delivered as intended.
  • Cost savings estimated at $450K annually (based on current resources required for manual verification).

pureIntegration recognizes that Advanced Advertising fulfillment teams find it challenging to efficiently and consistently perform the highly manual processes associated with ad order entry/sales and fulfillment systems. We have developed an automation solution that works with existing systems, performing existing business processes efficiently and with reduced error rates, while returning significant ROI to the business by freeing up fulfillment teams to perform higher value work.

Today, the systems used in the order entry, sales, and fulfillment management processes of TV ads necessitate repetitive, manual processes that are largely inefficient—prone to error, a waste of employee resource time, and negatively impacting the timeliness of spots running—and, therefore, result in potentially delaying the recognition of revenue.

We offer a fully managed or provide the tools for a turnkey solution to automate these manual processes, such as order export, order approval, dropped spots, end-of-day/end-of-flight billing, and more using Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for more optimized workflows and efficient use of employees time, translating directly into a measurable and lasting cost savings ROI.

Process Discovery and Prioritization
Evaluate current sales and traffic management processes to identify and prioritize automation based on the highest value.

BOT Factory Development
Customize automation to fit each customer’s unique sales and traffic management processes using a t-shirt size approach, while also generating operational reporting data.

RPA Platform Operations
We ensure the underlying RPA platform running each automated process is highly reliable, performs well, and meets necessary SLAs.

Ongoing Maintenance
We maintain the automated workflows as your business process, or underlying systems, undergo maintenance and change.

pureIntegration views RPA as a solution that should be self-funding. That is, the resource time saved should more than fund the cost of automation developed.

In the advertising space, we have proven that one or two workflows alone can produce ROI in excess of $1M per year. For example:

  • A particular workflow automation (Dropped Spots) in a team of 120 traffic operators produced an annual ROI of >$800K, and factoring in the cost of automation, a break-even point of 1.5 months.
  • A similar size team automating ad (Order Approval) also found an $800K+ ROI and similar break-even time frame.

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