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The Modern, Streamlined Approach to Media Ad Tech Operations

Optimize your valuable resources with the only partner with the technical depth and hands-on experience who can help diagnose workflow problems and help you navigate through a complex technology landscape.

1. Optimized Workflows

Are your operations efficient or are they dragging down your system? Optimize your current workflows, add RPA automation for increased economies, and add mapping of new workflows needed.

2. Technology Architecture

How do you manage a sprawling technology landscape? Build the playbook for current and desired state to provide the architectural roadmap for any migration or replacements in your configuration.

3. Seamless Exchange of Data

What does it take to push the right data at the right time in your specific process? For the increasing volume and velocity of data incorporate the latest technologies such as RPA, artificial intelligence, real-time analytics and more.

4. Sophisticated Order Tracking

How can you maximize the potential revenue from sales orders? Track your current and expected content to quickly secure all approvals and react to any needed changes.

5. Automated Billing

Can you invoice and track revenue? Build automation and intelligence into your billing systems to provide accurate billing and secure funds faster. 

6. Self Service Reporting

Are you seeing the insights you need? Reduce the amount of heavy coding and querying and instead shift to everyone gaining the insights and reporting based on their role. 


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You work within a complex environment of traffic systems, order management software, copy instruction management, and multiple databases and operating systems. pureIntegration’s Ad Tech Operations experts offer advice from an independent point of view to support your goals well beyond a single software platform.

  • Traffic & Billing
  • AVOD
  • Ad Decision Systems
  • IPTV
  • Programmatic
  • Linear
  • Addressable
  • DA

When Should You Engage with a Media Ad Tech Consultancy

  • Workflow Customization

    Bringing control and precision to your workflows

  • Technology Evolution

    Reduce the guesswork and build the architectural roadmap for your configuration

  • Effective Software Testing

    Draft and reduce system issues after upgrades or updates

  • Program/Project Management

    Create a project management hub to ensure successful project.

  • Cutting-Edge Integration Services

    Maximize potential of integrations across hardware, OS, database, networking, and software architecture.

  • Training and Support

    Obtain customized training that bridges the gap between traditional product training and your operations.

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