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Optimize the Customer Experience on Your Website With RunCodeless—pureIntegration's New Codeless Programming Solution

Give Business Owners Complete Control without Writing a Single Line of Code

Businesses depend on their web presence to build loyalty and drive revenue; however, the digital journey requires a high degree of precision to deliver a positive online customer experience. The smallest error in process or code either during initial deployment or found through monitoring could impact thousands of customers globally, decrease satisfaction scores, and impede both new and repeat customer purchases.

Today’s fragmented buyer’s journey covers websites, in-store kiosks, mobile devices, and more in a constantly changing digital environment. Even the smallest change to the user experience across these touchpoints involves a time consuming, inefficient and costly process between the business owner and the developer. A minor update typically requires multiple interactions and hundreds of lines of coding. In order to protect the customer experience, monitoring and testing of any updated code needs to operate at scale across all environments. The standard coding approach is unsustainable and cannot reach the scale and speed required.

RunCodeless: Same Precision with Lighter Engineering Burden

These business professionals currently depend on their busy engineering colleagues to develop and run line after line of code to test user online behaviors. RunCodeless by pureIntegration and its global development partner, IMT Solutions, allows Application Owners to self-assemble automation flows to test and monitor their customer experience journeys for errors or poor performance, helping predict issues before they impact customers.

RunCodeless: Synthetic Monitoring & Automated Testing from pureIntegration is a first of its kind digital tool that gives business owners complete visibility into product performance and empowers them to address the user experience without needing to engage developers.

This simple, web-based tool automates changes across all stages of the product lifecycle spanning from pre-deployment certification, User Acceptance Testing / UAT to monitoring. pureIntegration and its global development partner, IMT Solutions, allows application owners to monitor and test their customer experience journeys for errors or poor performance, helping predict issues before they impact customers and expedite resolution.

And the best part…no coding experience required.

RunCodeless Synthetic Monitoring and Automated Testing by pureIntegration


Saves Time

One of our customers, a Fortune 50 company, can reclaim 65% of the developers’ time. In the past, it took as much as 13 hours to develop 1 synthetic script — RunCodeless brings that process down to 4.5 hours.

Optimizes Team Resources

Optimizes Team Resources

Promote highly skilled engineers to do what they love doing—challenging and innovative assignments.

Saves Money

Saves Money

The managed service and software cost of RunCodeless is approximately half the cost of an FTE entry-level developer.

Lean Approach to Synthetic Monitoring and Automated Testing

Effective customer journey mapping requires granular monitoring and analysis. With RunCodeless, product owners can easily monitor and perform QA on every user action across multiple journeys and multiple devices including desktops, mobile platforms, etc. decreasing labor and cost overhead. Through an easy-to-use web interface, product owners are empowered to:


Plan and execute monitoring and testing of possible customer journeys


Perform rigorous monitoring and testing of each action (e.g. click, input, submit) and back end calls (e.g. GET, POST, PUT) as found in synthetic monitoring and automated testing, but without the need for costly coders


Change or replicate a user experience flow without engaging a developer to write an automated script


Break free from the limitations of manual testing by having the flexibility to run new tests on demand or at scheduled intervals


Monitor, measure and refine the customer’s digital experience in operational environments through familiar drag and drop automated workflows


Collect and report user experience metrics (e.g. performance, availability, request & response, errors, etc.)

Increase Customers Satisfaction but Decrease Overhead!

Our Synthetic Monitoring and Testing Experts Are Here to Help.

pureIntegration’s codeless solution allows product owners to self-assemble monitoring and testing checkpoints and assess their applications proactively and fully, resulting in:

Ready to Fast-Track Your Digital End-User Monitoring?

We can help you transform your customer’s digital experience.

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