IT Automation

Companies are faced with the daily challenge of managing ever-increasing and always-changing business needs, while continuing to meet uptime and service level requirements. Infrastructure and server environments continue to grow more diverse, distributed, and complex. The dynamic nature of business environments due to growth, consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, and the demand for secure IT systems present overwhelming challenges to business leadership and technical operations teams.

One proven solution to address these challenges and mitigate negative impact to service and associated revenue-loss has been the automation of data center functions.

Data Center Automation (DCA) enables enterprises to:

  • Optimize operational effectiveness
  • Ensure security and compliance visibility and enforcement
  • Maximize operational efficiency

DCA implementation programs face common challenges – development approaches that are capability-led vs. value driven and lack of defined processes and methodologies to maximize re-use of automation capabilities. If left unchecked, these challenges lead to project/program goals that are not fully realized. Without an organized, well defined, and clearly communicated program plan, it is unlikely that Executives, Business Owners, Engineers and members of the Operations teams will remain committed or work efficiently towards implementing DCA.

pureIntegration ensures that successful Data Center Automation is more than just a set of individual projects and initiatives. In order to achieve long term value, an overall program must be organized for success around four strategic areas:

  • Accountability
  • Business Alignment and IT Value
  • Risk Management
  • Value Delivery

pureIntegration provides the leadership, industry expertise, deep skills and tools to successfully deliver business-focused Data Center Automation. With the four-pronged strategic program as our guide, we implement the Data Center Automation initiative in two parallel workstreams that we collectively call pureAutomation. This model is optimized to deliver iterative business value by establishing a framework to support the planning and implementation of future DCA initiatives while delivering immediate results that impact and address the current business and technical challenges.

The pureAutomation Workstreams

  • Overall Process Definition and Execution: Composed of all activities related to the creation of reusable framework assets and the execution of that framework against the initiatives accepted by the Deployment Services program.
  • Individual Capability Delivery: Composed of all activities related to the installation, design, development, testing, and deployment of Data Center Automation solution capabilities.

pureIntegration’s pureAutomation offering for the planning and implementation of Data Center Automation initiatives provides our clients with three primary benefits:

  • Leadership and Expertise Across Initiatives
  • Business Context and Organizational Alignment
  • Quick and Early Results

pureIntegration is an HP Silver Partner for Business Services Automation (BSA) solutions. We have in-house DCA resources that are accredited in BSA, through HP training, to provide our clients with unparalleled technical expertise.

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