pureIntegration has collaborated with leading MSOs and Video industry leaders to design, develop, test and deploy many established and new Video technologies to realize a significant competitive edge. Our understanding of the Video industry’s unique challenges has been critical to the operational success of our clients.

  • Product Development: Our expert Video product managers and solution designers work closely with you while leveraging their significant industry expertise to uniquely address your business and bottom line.
  • Solution Architecture: We promote reliable and high quality solutions to enable your Video offerings by integrating the right solution technology for your platform and needs.
  • Technical Project Management: Our professional Project Managers have the technical depth and Video industry expertise needed to succeed. pureIntegration has a deep well thought out best practice methodology that can be utilized to complement your in-house methodology to produce your project deliverables on time and under budget to mitigate exposure and risk.
  • Video Subject Matter Expertise: We have a full range of functional and technical expertise across numerous Video disciplines and technologies to incorporate the next generation of Video solutions into your system.
  • System Integration / Test Quality Assurance: pureIntegration designs and executes a thorough and comprehensive testing strategy including functional, automated and performance testing to help identify and resolve issues before they become critical.
  • Trial Management: We provide hands-on technical support of product trials, pilot testing and full market launch. Experts remain available throughout the process to help clients navigate variances in headend, firmware, carousel and return path configurations and business operations challenges such as reporting and Tier 1 through Tier 4 troubleshooting.
  • Deployment Engineering: We provide industry leading engineers to thoroughly review your system designs and hardware components to ensure pre-deployment preparation, execution, and post-deployment monitoring are performed seamlessly.

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