If It Can’t be Measured, It Can’t be Managed

As software and operating systems become abstracted from the underlying hardware infrastructure, companies must evolve their IT monitoring capabilities to address application services and transactions. SOA, web services and ESB have allowed IT to meet the business demands for greater flexibility and faster development of IT capabilities. However, this speed and agility has not come without a cost. Business processes and transactions are being developed to interface with a myriad of upstream and downstream application environments that reside on a mix of physical and virtual infrastructure. In order to properly instrument and manage this type of IT environment, monitoring solutions must be capable of reconciling and mapping the business processes to the underlying infrastructure.

Challenge: Ensuring performance & availability of critical IT applications

Technological advances in virtualization, cloud computing, and mobile computing have provided unprecedented levels of access to IT applications which, in turn, has led to higher demand and usage. As end-users adopt and utilize IT applications for more and more business functions and processes, it is paramount that IT be able to effectively and efficiently monitor and manage the IT applications. Performance and availability management requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s business and operational needs, along with the individual IT components that comprise the application
delivering the business service.

Benefits of Business Performance and Availability Software

  • Cost Savings: Performance and availability software significantly reduces outages, MTTR and triage efforts. Additionally, existing testing scripts and assets can be leveraged and repurposed to support operational monitoring via the use of synthetic transactions.
  • Proactive Approach: Issues are identified real-time and before users call into service.
  • Integration Solution: Seamless integration with existing monitoring tools and applications provides a “control room” view of all applications and systems across the organization.
  • Broad Visibility: Provides visibility into applications for fast triage & diagnosis, as well as “big picture”/executive level view. The software is workflow-oriented and aligns to the business processes within the organization.

pureIntegration’s Approach

Our pureMonitoring solution combines our expertise in HP Business Service Management product suite with a strong understanding of our client’s business needs. Our unique ability to align specific business needs with the capabilities of a Performance and Availability solution helps clients maximize the benefits of BSM implementation. Through its pureMonitoring offering, pureIntegration provides the following:

  • Fulfilling strategic vision – Works with each business practice, including engineering, QA and operations to ensure each is aligned with the corporate goal, identity and structure.
  • Technical expertise – Provides expertise with HP BTO portfolio, performance management, capacity planning, large scale deployments and industry best practices.
  • Operational focus – Meets the operational needs for the short and long run.
  • Business Value – Continually assesses the business impact and value delivered throughout the delivery process.
  • Risk Management – Identifies and overcome risks early in the process, while constantly monitoring the indentifying new risks throughout the process.
  • Resource Enablement – Training and adoption, triage processes and documentation are integral components of our services, leaving clients with performance managements process that’s efficient and practical.

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