Mobile for MSOs

Cutting the Cord: Wireless Opportunities are Everywhere

Today’s consumers, businesses and even government agencies expect information to be available anywhere, at any time and in seconds on any device. The growing reach and capabilities of mobile networks are giving Multiple System Operators (MSOs) new opportunities to broaden relationships with their customers throughout and beyond their homes or offices. To capitalize on this trend, MSOs must develop and implement sound strategies that re-purpose content for mobile delivery, create new ways for customers to interact with their cable services and enable customers to remain connected to their cable ISP services wherever they go. More importantly, MSOs should be able to achieve this while maintaining financial performance and protecting their brand integrity

Challenge: To Make (air)Waves or Ride Them In

MSOs planning to go wireless must first choose between two viable but very different options – Will they spend time and money to create and build a network from scratch to remain self-reliant or will they partner with one of the many providers that have existing networks and expedite their market launch?

Considering these competing priorities and limited resources, MSOs must simultaneously choose among potential wireless products and develop an appropriate go-to-market strategy.

Mobile Product Options

  • Cellular-based voice services
  • Mobile broadband access across a variety of wireless data standards and bandwidths
  • Value-added mobile applications
  • Leveraging video streaming over wireless broadband to handsets or laptops
  • Inter-carrier wireless backhaul services

Go-to-Market Approaches (pros and cons):

  • Joint Venture– Partner with an established wireless provider:
    • Pro – Ensures efficiency and speed to market
    • Con – Limits expansion possibilities and profit margins
  • Build a Network from Scratch– Acquire a spectrum to build a stand-alone network:
    • Pro – Protects profits from being funneled to a wholesale “middle man”
    • Con – Delays market launch and increases initial costs due to time-intensive front-loaded research and new technology development

To address the inherent challenge of delivering future technology within a limited window of opportunity, MSOs must commit to a paired strategy of infrastructure and product vision.

A Trusted Partner in Mobile Implementation

pureIntegration partners with leading MSOs to deliver cutting-edge wireless solutions to both residential and commercial customers. We have extensive experience facilitating integration with 3G and 4G technologies and guiding our clients from product vision through customer care deployment. Our experience in all phases of the software development life cycle for wireless solutions ensures leadership and quality at every stage of delivery:

  • Product Development and Engineering: Our expert solution engineers consult with clients to create wireless voice and data offerings that leverage leading technologies such as 4G WiMAX. pureIntegration can help define product requirements and lead the client through the development of “Go-to-Market” joint-venture plans
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: pureIntegration designs and executes a thorough and comprehensive testing strategy including functional, automated and performance testing to help identify and resolve issues before they become critical
  • Trials and Full Market Deployment: We provide hands-on technical support for product trials, pilot testing and full market launch of 3G and 4G technologies. Our experts remain available throughout the process to help clients navigate variances and operations challenges

In The Field:


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