IT Service Management

Over the last decade, a radical change has occurred in the way IT organizations operate. With pureIntegration’s experience and resources we have helped clients develop a customer-centric ITSM ROI solution, this systematic approach to ITSM allowed pureIntegration to help its customers understand, quantify, and communicate the value of ITSM within their own organization. pureIntegration’s ITSM solutions provide organizations high-quality services while driving positive business outcomes and realizing value in their IT investments.

ITSMThe pureIntegration ITSM Experience
Whether your company requires an Asset Discovery solution for compliance or a full service desk/automation implementation, pureIntegration’s highly trained staff are here for all your needs. pureIntegration can deliver an OOB ITSM solution or a tailored ITSM solution based on your business goals and needs. pureIntegration’s ITSM resources have deployment experience at major organizations across all industry verticals

What are the benefits of pureIntegration’s ITSM solutions?

  • Standardized and automated best practices aligned with industry standards to increase IT staff efficiency and reduction of costs
  • Improved effectiveness of ITSM processes by leveraging integrated solutions for end-to-end change management and closed-loop incident management
  • Client realization of total cost of ownership (TCO) of delivered services
  • Implementation of a standard, enforceable, and repeatable change process
  • Reduction of cost and risk by automating impact analysis, change execution, and compliance

Risk mitigation.

  • Lowered service disruptions through automated change control
  • Reduced service downtime by directly visualizing what IT assets impact each service to quickly narrow the focus of troubleshooting
  • Enablement of regulatory compliance and certification through effective process controls and improved attestation
  • Isolation and remediation of potential sources of impact to your business based on financial priority
  • Visibility into the IT environment through discovery, service modeling, and dependency mapping
  • Enablement of the change advisory board (CAB) to make change decisions based upon business service impacts
  • Automated change across the end-to-end service, including applications and infrastructure (client, server, network, and storage) with a single, integrated process

Time to value.

  • Accelerated process improvements by utilizing built-in best practices based on industry standards
  • Monitoring of service levels proactively for expected performance
  • Enablement of informed decisions to balance service cost and quality
  • Provides actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) v3 service life-cycle
  • Manage and automated end-to-end change process

Vertical Deployment Experience:

  • Telecom Media &Entertainment (CME)
  • Oil and Gas
  • GOV NGO’s
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Infrastructure
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Education and Development Sector
  • Information Technology
  • Consumer Services & Retail
  • Pharma Healthcare and life Science

Customer Case Study #1: Automobile Manufacturer


  • Automobile Manufacturer had no visibility into their data center assets.
  • Assets were in multiple Datacenters geographically dispersed throughout EMEA and ASIAPAC.
  • Client was overpaying for Datacenter server maintenance.


  • Implemented OHP Universal Discovery and Asset Manger

Measurable Business Results:

  • Global visibility into the clients datacenter infrastructure.
  • Decreased software maintenance costs based on discovered installed software.
  • Increased purchasing power based on accurate asset inventories.

In The Field:


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