Internet Of Things

Connected, Smart, Secure

pureIntegration has been leading home automation & security solutions for service providers for many years.  The market has quickly grown to include home automation, connected health, connected vehicles, smart energy, and smart cities. “Smart Life” and “Internet of Things (IoT)” have been coined to describe this ecosystem, intelligently connecting our world to make life better.  pureIntegration’s industry leading capability is helping to make Smart Life a reality.

The IoT Challenge

Rapid consumer and enterprise adoption of connected devices are driving the next technology transformation wave from islands of devices to an ecosystem of interconnected, intelligent systems.  At the same time, this proliferation of heterogeneous solutions creates problems with complex integration, limited knowledge, and an explosion of security attack surfaces.  How can consumers and enterprises employ IoT with the highest level of quality and/or profitability?

pureIntegration Value Proposition

  • Accelerate new product proofs of concept, certification, on-boarding, and integration
    • introduce to lab 6 months in advance with direct connection to client environments
  • Create efficiencies through automation, monitoring, analytics, and insights
  • Ensure secure & high quality environments with reliable security & edge-to-cloud computing
  • Employ managed environments, operations, & support


Smart Life Vision

Our vision is to deliver Center of Excellence “COE” capabilities to accelerate innovative customer-driven solutions and manage/operationalize them successfully.  pureIntegration provides mature capabilities, environments, methods, expertise, and toolsets for consistent & repeatable results.




Smart Life Capabilities


pureIntegration’s strength is targeted toward operators’ automation strategic road map.

  1. We offer product & system integration and security solutions for connected home & auto integration: development, certification, security penetration, testing, integration, training, deployments, and operations management.
  2. We deliver cloud, storage solutions, and analytics services for cable, telco, and IOT platform providers to build upon early success.




Smart Lab

Our Smart Lab provides scalable on-ramp capacity and expertise for partners today. We offer co-location to enable joint collaboration with our team for agile and real-time results. We leverage our existing lab environments and spin up new physical and virtual environments quickly to support your on-demand needs. Our live production and development environment connections enable the highest quality solutions delivered quickly in the actual operator environments.

Systems Integration:  Front-end proofs of concept “POC”, development, integration, deployment on the leading platforms and applications.

Value-Driven Development & Testing:  We accelerate time to market with certification, endurance, performance, interoperability, and release testing leveraging partnerships/relationships with leading developer programs and industry standards.

Security Solutions:  Network, device, and data security vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, & threat prevention.

Data Aggregation & Correlation:  Unified data collection strategy across disparate sources to provide analytics and actionable insights from network, service, and operational information.  Scalability delivered through cloud and virtual application environment and storage solutions.




IoT Security Solutions

pureIntegration has been a leader in the security services business for over a decade providing leadership to federal, communications, and financial services.  Our certified experts apply cross-industry best practice to integrate security methodology from strategy, vulnerability assessments, design, penetration testing, and operational support.


  • Mobile and Wireless Security (Secure Mobility)
  • IT Governance Frameworks Certification & Accreditation
  • Security Vulnerability / Penetration Assessments
  • FISMA & ISO Review Analysis, Mapping & Reporting
  • Privacy Impact Review AnalysisPI_IOT_Security_Framework
  • Security Engineering for Point Products
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Baseline Configuration to Gold Standards
  • Risk & Threat Management Modeling
  • Information Security Program Design / Management
  • Methodology:
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF)
  • Control Objectives for Information and related technology (COBIT)
  • FISMA, FERPA, HIPAA & GLBA, Holistic Information Security Institute
  • OMB


HP Assessment Management Platform (AMP, QAInspect, & WebInspect), CA Clarity, HP OPS Ware, Foundstone Fortify, QualysGuard, Guidance/Encase ISS, Retina, SAINT, Core Impact, Intel/McAfee, Metasploit Framework, Kali, Wireless Protocol Analyzers

PI_IOT_SecurityPenTesting PI_IOT_SecurityWirelessMapping PI_IOT_SecurityCertTest


Why pureIntegration?

The Value We Offer.  

  • Dedicated & Deep Operator Expertise. We know the communications technology business like no other. pureIntegration has over a decade of product & systems integration and engineering expertise working for operators.  We understand the operator business and are best qualified to tailor IOT solutions to work most effectively.
  • Relevant Connected-Device & Automation Expertise. We have been developing & deploying home automation solutions for leading communications clients for several years. Our resources have deployed some of the most unique connected home, auto, and edge computing solutions around the world.
  • Cutting-edge IOT Expertise. We are helping to develop new IOT Framework solutions in the innovation labs and are spearheading work on new wireless devices, gateways, and tools. We know where the IOT space is headed and will remain on the leading edge to help guide our clients.
  • Lab & Data Center Investments. pureIntegration has made significant investments in its data center, cloud environment, and lab in Herndon, VA. We have local lab operations in Atlanta, Philly, and Denver in addition to innovation center presence in Sunnyvale to be responsive to its clients.
  • Accountable, Value-Driven, and Innovative. We are accountable for our work and we focus on value to deliver successful, innovative results measured by satisfaction surveys in which we consistently exceed our client expectations.

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In The Field:


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