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IoT Security Vulnerabilities & Solutions

The rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically expanded the number of wireless devices & platforms in the home, business, industry and around us. In addition to Wi-Fi we see dramatic growth of Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave, and low power enabled devices. While connected devices have many advantages, they also provide greater attack surfaces and vulnerabilities for consumers and service providers. What are the security vulnerabilities to be aware of and how can solution architects design to reduce risk? Do IoT platforms provide adequate safe-guards? Which platforms provide the most reliable security? This paper will explore real examples of open platform security risks in home & public connected environments across several protocols. We will demonstrate several tools to illustrate how hackers compromise connected wireless devices & networks along with tactics to architect and prevent intrusion risk. Readers will see solutions that actually work to improve safety, cost savings, time savings, and convenience. The audience is anyone planning or designing an IoT solution based on an open platform. Product executives, solution architects, and security professionals will be interested in understanding security differences between open platforms and methods for designing proper safe-guards. Attendees will also see tools used to help test and validate these solutions.

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Fundamentals of Performance Testing

The Increasing Need for Proper Performance Testing due to Increasing Software Complexity in the Enterprise

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Outbreak: Avoiding Information Security Catastrophes in Cable

Information Security is critically important to the cable industry. Recent embarrassing incidents bring home the consequences of not giving information security the attention it deserves.

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