Case Studies

Onshore/Offshore Team Successfully Deploys Desktop Application

THE CHALLENGE A large cable provider needed to replace its existing desktop application, which was cumbersome, limited, and inflexible. Not only did the application routinely stall,


Process Automation Proves Successful for QVC

The Challenge Video and e-commerce retailer QVC purchased the HP Operations Orchestration (HPOO) software framework with the intent to automate a time-consuming business practice: provisioning and terminating


Universal Caller ID New Product Deployment

When a large cable operator sought to deploy a new feature, Universal Caller ID, to differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the team at pureIntegration contributed to the successful feature launch, which experienced no customer service outages.

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Our Deployment Offerings

When it comes to deployment, the way a company adopts and adapts in times of change can easily determine its future viability in the marketplace. Whether deploying


A Successful Track Record in Home Security and Home Automation

pureIntegration understands that success comes from identifying,understanding, and planning for the right audience, both across and within the core functions of each cable operator’s home security and home automation business model.

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Accelerating a HP Business Service Automation (BSA) Program

A large cable operator was looking for help to jumpstart their stalled network and server automation initiatives. pureIntegration deployed processes and thought leadership to help build, upgrade and stabilize an automation framework that would focus on organizational alignment and user adoption.

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Achieving HP Network Automation (HPNA)

pureIntegration utilized network engineers with HPNA experience to work with our client for driver and policy development.

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Providing HP Business Service Management (BSM) Solutions

The Challenge Our large cable operator client has a multi-tier distributed architecture which makes it time consuming and resource intensive to identify and address performance and availability


Developing Custom HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Training

pureIntegration successfully scheduled, coordinated and delivered 36 training classes and one special “ad-hoc” class to over 1,500 users in just over three months.

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Building a Framework with the ZAP-fix Mobile Testing Solution

pureIntegration successfully developed a configurable framework which enabled automation tests to be run across multiple interfaces when a large cable operator’s home security project had Quality Assurance (QA) cycles that averaged 6-8 weeks due to a manual approach.

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In The Field:


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